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Denon DN-A300M E2

Integrated Mic Mixing Amplifier

Увеличить изображение Denon DN-A300M E2 - Integrated Mic Mixing Amplifier
Увеличить изображение Denon DN-A300M E2 - Integrated Mic Mixing Amplifier
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The Denon DN-A300M stereo installation amplifi er replaces the renowned PMA-100M, a favourite with commercial installers. Like it’s predecessor, the DN-A300M offers a high quality solution for small installations, and provides increased amplifi er power over the existing model range.

The new model features mic input mix and Auto Gain Control, coupled with 110 watts per channel of power amplifi cation. The mic level control enables manual mixing of a microphone signal with other audio input sources, while Mic Auto Gain Control and Music Auto Mute control enable preset level reduction or muting of music programme material when using a microphone. LED indicators show on/off status for the mic mix, Auto Gain Control and music mute functions. The input selector enables switching between AUX, TUNER CD, PHONO and TAPE 1 and 2 sources, from the extensive array of input connections on the rear panel. Selectable A/B speaker circuits are switchable from the front panel, with LED indicators showing which circuit is active.

The DN-A300M provides classic Denon sound and build quality at an affordable price point, and is ideal for small commercial AV applications, in numerous types of venues and environments.

Key Features:
- 2 x 100w Power Amplifi ers
- A/B Speaker On/Off buttons
- 6 - unbalanced RCA audio inputs with grounded phono inlet
- 2 - unbalanced record outputs
- 1 - unbalanced Pre-out for connection to external amplifi cation
- Front-panel mounted 1/4” MIC jack allows for paging and announcements
- 3 back-panel mounted AC inlets for powering additional equipment like a CD player / changer or AM / FM / Satellite Radio Tuner (1- unswitched, 2-switched)
- Multiple MIC mixing options including Auto Music Mute and MIC mix
- Fully Adjustable MIC level or automate the MIC level with the DNA300M’s internal AGC MIC circuit
- Bass and Treble adjustments with Loudness switch
- Control all features of the product (and other Denon Pro products) with the included IR remote
- 3U Rack kit included